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The territory of the church, cemetery and wooden bell tower (XV-XIX centuries) of the Christian community of Boryslav, UGCC

The old Petliura oil and gas well is also located in this area.

Historical information about the object

Here was a wooden monastery of Boryslav, mentioned in manuscriptn from the March 19, 1387. Later there were wooden churches on the spot. The latter in 1767 – 1870’s, and next to the church was a wooden two-tiered bell tower, covered with a tent pyramidal roof.


Boryslav, Tserkovna street, 5

Object accessibility

Free access

Ownership of the object

Belongs to religious community

Preservation for 2021


Object category (type)

Sacred, architectural, historical and cultural


  • Boryslav, Tserkovna street, 5