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The Church of St Anne of UGCC

In 1932 the vicar Fr. Vladislav Findish (13.12.1907-21.08.1964) whom Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed on June 19, 2005 the Blessed Martyr of the Roman Catholic Church for the Christian faith at the hands of the totalitarian communist system.

Historical information about the object

Former parish Roman Catholic church of St. Barbara, built at the expense of parishioners, workers and owners of oil and ozokerite mines in the neo-Romanesque style. Dedicated on December 4, 1902. In 1930, the church was painted by artists from Krakow – Professor Antoni Procajłowicz (10.05.1876-13.07.1949) and Meszko Jablonski (1892-1965). From August 20, 1946 to the end of 1963, there was an Orthodox church here. After its closure – a salt warehouse, furniture store, funeral home and the city museum. On April 14, 1989, it became the temple of the Russian Orthodox Church. From 02.02.1990 it is the church of St. Anne of the UGCC. Since 2012, the church of St. Anne has also become a pilgrimage center. Included in the register of the largest pilgrimage centers of the UGCC and in the list of the largest shrines of Ukraine due to the large collection of relics of the Holy and Blessed Christian Churches.


Boryslav, Volodymyr Velykyi street, 45 а

Object accessibility

Free access

Ownership of the object

Belongs to religious community

Preservation for 2021


Object category (type)

Sacred, architectural, historical and cultural


  • Boryslav, Volodymyr Velykyi street, 45 а