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Former building of Christian community of Boryslav

Today the building belongs to the religious community and the Christian Rehabilitation Mission “Resurrection” at the Association of Churches of Christians of the Evangelical Faith.

Historical information about the object

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic and Polish Roman Catholic communities of Boryslav, in order to protect their property, national and religious rights, created the so-called Christian community of Boryslav – a body of collective public self-government and mutual assistance. In the 1920s it was reorganized and operated as the Foundation of the Christian Community of Boryslav.


Boryslav, Taras Shevchenko street, 97

Object accessibility

Free access

Ownership of the object

Belongs to religious community

Preservation for 2021


Object category (type)

Historical and cultural


  • Boryslav, Taras Shevchenko street, 97