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Earthen tanks for oil storage

Historical information about the object

In 1909, the Association of Oil Producers of the Drohobych-Boryslav Oil Basin organized a conference on the construction of earth oil reservoirs, which began to be built en masse near the villages of Modrychi and Tustanovichi (now Boryslav district) for the storage of extracted oil. The tanks had a complex system for flowing oil from one to another and preventing spills. The name “33 lakes” became attached to the reservoirs. Similar tanks were built between Bolekhivtsi and Drohobych. During the two world wars, the warring parties repeatedly set fire to oil reservoirs. Already in Soviet times, the buildings lost their significance and gradually filled with water, turning into lakes.


Territory between Boryslav and Modrychi village

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Free access

Preservation for 2021


Object category (type)

Engineering and industrial, historical


  • Territory between Boryslav and Modrychi village