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Church of the Assumption of The Blessed Virgin of the UGCC

The church is decorated with 10 stained glass windows designed by the famous artist Petro Kholodny (1876-1930), made in 1929 by the Stanislav Zelenski’s Cracow stained glass company under the supervision of Ukrainian poet, novelist and artist Bohdan Lepky (1872-1941).

Historical information about the object

Built in 1928-1931 under the direction of the pastor Fr. Ivan Lishchynsky (1883-1959) at the expense of local residents and owners of oil mines. Dedicated on November 24, 1929.


Boryslav, Stepan Bandera street, 89А

Object accessibility

Free access

Ownership of the object

Belongs to religious community

Preservation for 2021


Object category (type)

Sacred, architectural, historical and cultural


  • Boryslav, Stepan Bandera street, 89А